Copyright Brush - Watermark

After learning how to create a brush, if you want to watermark your images with a copyright, simply create in black the image you wish to use. Convert it to grayscale (Image>Mode>Grayscale) and then create it as a brush (mentioned on other posts). I suggest creating ones very large to very small. Mine are 900 pixels at the largest to 100 pixels as the smallest. Above is one of my copyright brushes in white. It's the same brush. In the toolbox there is a setting for the brush called opacity. The upper-right is white at 100, bottom-left is white at 55, top-left is dodge clicked twice, bottom-right is burn clicked 5 times.

You can create brushes as the top border of a package preview for your blog, your avatar (keep that as RGB when making the brush so you don't lose your colors), and anything else you might want to use over and over again that isn't part of your kit. It's obvious to make flowers and doodles, though many don't think to make things you use for each and every kit. Even that plastic package look can be a brush that you stamp over your preview of goodies. Instead of having it a pasted layer, a brush would be simpler and quicker.

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