New Image With Transparency - PNG Elements

If you want to create an element or an alpha that has a transparent background you should start with a transparent blank image. In another post I talk about sizing your items for the digital scrapbooking world. For this example I have chosen to create an element 1200x1200 pixels in size. I set the dpi to 300, made sure I was in RGB mode, selected transparency from the drop down menu and added my copyright information (this gets recorded in the exif data of the image - also another topic mentioned here on the blog). You can put anything in the comment section, but I would keep it simple. You can put your blog address here, though I'd skip the http part. In my case, I'd just put though I just choose to put my name and a small note.

To get this box above, go to the main Gimp window, select File>New and this box will popup. Click the button next to advanced options to see the whole box.

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