Script-Fu Tips

While running script-fus to create something, such as word art (alpha to logo), you are left with an image made up of layers. You don't have to stop there. Play with your layers. Change the opacity, the hue, the order of the layers, layer mode, delete layers, add more of them, add some filter work to the layers... Just remember to save occasionally. If I'm playing and doing things that are extreme, I keep a notepad handy and write down my settings. If I ever want to repeat something, I'll know what I did. I also save my projects as "ProjectName-EDIT-01" and as an xcf file. If I'm going to import to PSE, I'll save as a psd file. Using the term edit tells me it is not a finished product and numbering sets it aside from the later steps I take. Gimp is a resource hog at times. I find it helpful to go back occasionally, providing my saves have been done, and clear out the undo history (look at the size at the bottom of the image window before and after you clear the history).