Grunge Your Font

Ever see those really cool fonts on posters and backgrounds and want them? Sometimes it's hard to find the right mix of font style and "damage" for your needs. Well, here's a REALLY super tut all on a single image so you can just right click to keep it for future reference. It's so simple you almost don't need to do that at all. I call these "duh tuts", when it's basically a face palm to the forehead telling yourself "it's easier than making koolaid, why didn't I think of that?" Tips to follow after the image.

You can also select the font with your selection tool, or a letter at a time (it's your project, the options are infinite). Instead of erasing you can use your paintbrush to add color, especially if you want to grunge it a bit but your background the text is going on is a bit busy. Adding a shadow or a colored glow can make your text stand out more.


Sarah said...

Thanks for that tutorial! I'd never thought to use different erasers to get the roughening effect.

Appsup Studios said...

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