Realistic Newsprint Look

To make a photo look like it was scanned from a newspaper clipping is super simple.  Open your image (I'm using Gimp 2.2 here).  Do any photo corrections and cropping first, it's hard to hide flaws in an image (such as a blemish) after the filter is ran.  In the image box select Layer> Colors> Desaturate.  Then go to Filters> Distorts> Newsprint.  I felt for the image size I was working with (3872x2592) that the settings above did the trick.  If your image is smaller, you'll want to play with the settings, specifically those relating to size.  Experiment, the undo option is quick and clean for this filter.  I then thought that a standard blur cleaned it up so I added a blur.  This is an option, per your desired results.  Click on the photo for a larger view.